B12 Injections

Treatment for: boosting mood, energy, concentration and the immune system, depression, mental disorders, memory loss, heart disease (by lowering high homocysteine levels), diabetes, weak bones (osteoporosis), swollen tendons, inflammatory bowel disorder, asthma, allergies, vitiligo (a skin disease), sleep disorders, male infertility, preventing cervical and other cancers, and skin infections

Vitamin B12 is required for the proper function and development of the brain, nerves, blood cells, and many other parts of the body.  

Some vegetarians, vegans, people with Crohn’s or Celiac disease, and those who abuse alcohol are susceptible to low levels because of diet choices or absorption issues.

Signs of low B12 levels includes fatigue, weakness, sore tongue, tingling and numbness in your fingers and toes, difficulty walking, mood change, or memory loss

Lipotropic Injections – MIC B12  

Treatment for: enhancing weight loss, increasing metabolism, boosting energy

The most effective way to use lipotropic compounds is by combining the amino acids Methionine, Inositol, and Choline. The resulting combination is known as M.I.C.  These naturally occurring compounds help the body to burn fat by enhancing the metabolism, particularly the metabolism of fat. These injections also have a detoxifying effect on the liver.

The overall effect of Lipotropic injections is enhanced weight loss, particularly when they are combined with a healthy diet and exercise program. Since B-vitamins are also lipotropic, they are often combined with the MIC cocktail to enhance weight loss and boost energy.

Choline speeds up the metabolism of fats by helping the liver and gallbladder to function more effectively by metabolizing fats so that they can be used as an energy source by the body.

Inositol regulates blood sugar by regulating insulin production.  With blood sugar levels remaining stable you will not feel as hungry and find it easy to stick with a low-calorie diet.

Methionine performs a dual role: it is an amino acid, but it is also an antioxidant. It not only helps the body to break down fats but helps you to eliminate toxins.

Vitamin B12 help you to feel more energetic and also help to promote the metabolism of fats.

In order to see the most benefit, we recommend that Lipotropic Injections are taken in a series of 4 injections, administered weekly.